Thursday, May 17, 2012

I need a Weight field


I need to show my Weight for each or my product in invoice, and shows the total Weight at the footer of the report.


You will need to custom create a "Weight" column in your Invoice input form.

1. Open Xin Inventory and go to Setting/Document.  Under "Additional Info" category, click on "Invoice".
Additional Field

2.  Select option "Item Column 1", enter "Weight", save the setting.

3. Open a new Invoice form. The "Weight" column shows in the item.
Weight Field in Invoice

4. You may drag it to the appropriate location by using your mouse cursor.
Custom Form

5. Now you will need to custom made your own template. Please view the demo from on how to custom made your own template.

6. In the Repot Designer, drag the column "Detail_AdditionalInfoValue1" to the DetailReport part.
Display Weight in Template

7. To display the Total Weight, drag "Summary_TotalAdditionalInfoValue1" to the ReportFooter.
Display Total Weight in Template

Note: To be able to calculate the Total Weight, please make sure you enter all numeric value in the Invoice form for the Weight column.

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