Friday, May 18, 2012

How to set Decimal Place for Quantity


I have a little query for quantity decimals. I am getting 3 values after decimal point which i don't require. At the most i may need is 2 decimal point. How to set it ?


There are 2 places you need to do the setting, one is to set the decimal place for the input form, another one is to set the decimal place for your print-out template.

1. Open Xin Inventory 1.0 / Xin Inventory 2.0, go to Setting/Document. Under "Default Document Setting" category, select "2" for "Quantity Decimal Place".

2. Save your setting. When you open your Invoice, Quotatoin, Delivery Note, Credit Note, Purchase Order, Inventory and Report, all columns that is related to quantity will be displayed in 2 decimal place.

3. Now you need to set the decimal place for your Invoiec print out. To learn how to create an invoice template. please view the demo from

4. On the Report Designer, click on the object of Quantity column.  Click on the ">" on the top right of this object.

5. On the popup Label Task, click on the "..." beside "Format String".

6. Set the Number format to "###,###,###.00", click OK and save the template.

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