Thursday, May 17, 2012

Custom Entry Fields


I have a question,  whether or not there is a way to add custom entry fields, such as say #BOL Numbers, or Freight Company, other than as labels that must be changed on an invoice basis in the template


You can add up to 5 custom fields in every modules for Quotation, Invoice, Delivery Note, Credit Note, Purchase Order, Inventory, Customer, Vendor, Sales and Company.

While for the the items in Quotation, Invoice, Delivery Note, Credit Note and Purchase Order, you may add up to 2 fields.

1. Open a new Invoice.

2. Click on the image on Additional Info.
Custom Field

3. On the popup Additional Info screen, select option 1 & 2, enter "#BOL:" and "Freight Company:", choose the Type as Text. Click OK.
Add Additional Column to Invoice

3. These 2 columns will be created in the Invoice page.
Additional Column in Invoice

4. Now, you need to custom made your own template. Please view demo from on how to custom made your own template.

5. In the Report Designer, drag "Header_AdditionalInfoValue1" and "Header_AdditionalInfoValue2" to the PageHeader.
Display Additional Column in Template

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