Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Create quotation in minutes

Demo below shows how to create a quotation in minutes using Xin Inventory

Sample quotation generated using Xin Inventory


For more built in quotation template, please refer to

Create Purchase Order using Xin Inventory

Create purchase order using Xin Inventory in minutes

Sample purchase order created using Xin Inventory

sample purchase order

sample purchase order

User can tailor made own purchase order template using template editor come with the software. For more built in template, please visit

Create packing list and delivery order using Xin Inventory

Demo below shows how to create packing list / delivery order in minutes using Xin Inventory.

Delivery note / delivery order / packing list created using Xin Inventory

packing list

User can customize own template using template editor. For more default delivery note / delivery order / packing template, please refer to

Create invoice using Xin Inventory

Invoice can be created by copy from the existing invoice, import from quotation and create invoice from scratch.

Demo below shows how to create invoice using Xin Inventory in minutes.

Sample invoice created using Xin Inventory

invoice template

invoice sample

User can customize own invoice template using invoice template editor come with the software. To view more built in invoice template, please visit

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Set up email in Xin Inventory software

This demo show how to setup email. Xin Inventory software. Xin Inventory is a comprehensive invoice software with inventory control.

Friday, May 18, 2012

How to set Decimal Place for Quantity


I have a little query for quantity decimals. I am getting 3 values after decimal point which i don't require. At the most i may need is 2 decimal point. How to set it ?


There are 2 places you need to do the setting, one is to set the decimal place for the input form, another one is to set the decimal place for your print-out template.

1. Open Xin Inventory 1.0 / Xin Inventory 2.0, go to Setting/Document. Under "Default Document Setting" category, select "2" for "Quantity Decimal Place".

2. Save your setting. When you open your Invoice, Quotatoin, Delivery Note, Credit Note, Purchase Order, Inventory and Report, all columns that is related to quantity will be displayed in 2 decimal place.

3. Now you need to set the decimal place for your Invoiec print out. To learn how to create an invoice template. please view the demo from

4. On the Report Designer, click on the object of Quantity column.  Click on the ">" on the top right of this object.

5. On the popup Label Task, click on the "..." beside "Format String".

6. Set the Number format to "###,###,###.00", click OK and save the template.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Product Update


I have xininventory and would like to know if there is a update to the software please and how do I know in the future?


For Xin Inventory and above, an Xin Updater is include. If there is any latest patch, when you run the program you will be prompted to install new patch.

Auto Update Alert

Click on the message box and the software will be auto updated.

If Xin Updater fail to update your software, you will be prompted a link to download the patch file manually. Follow the instruction in ReadMe.txt inside the patch file to patch it manually.

Auto Update Fail

I need a Weight field


I need to show my Weight for each or my product in invoice, and shows the total Weight at the footer of the report.


You will need to custom create a "Weight" column in your Invoice input form.

1. Open Xin Inventory and go to Setting/Document.  Under "Additional Info" category, click on "Invoice".
Additional Field

2.  Select option "Item Column 1", enter "Weight", save the setting.

3. Open a new Invoice form. The "Weight" column shows in the item.
Weight Field in Invoice

4. You may drag it to the appropriate location by using your mouse cursor.
Custom Form

5. Now you will need to custom made your own template. Please view the demo from on how to custom made your own template.

6. In the Repot Designer, drag the column "Detail_AdditionalInfoValue1" to the DetailReport part.
Display Weight in Template

7. To display the Total Weight, drag "Summary_TotalAdditionalInfoValue1" to the ReportFooter.
Display Total Weight in Template

Note: To be able to calculate the Total Weight, please make sure you enter all numeric value in the Invoice form for the Weight column.

Custom Entry Fields


I have a question,  whether or not there is a way to add custom entry fields, such as say #BOL Numbers, or Freight Company, other than as labels that must be changed on an invoice basis in the template


You can add up to 5 custom fields in every modules for Quotation, Invoice, Delivery Note, Credit Note, Purchase Order, Inventory, Customer, Vendor, Sales and Company.

While for the the items in Quotation, Invoice, Delivery Note, Credit Note and Purchase Order, you may add up to 2 fields.

1. Open a new Invoice.

2. Click on the image on Additional Info.
Custom Field

3. On the popup Additional Info screen, select option 1 & 2, enter "#BOL:" and "Freight Company:", choose the Type as Text. Click OK.
Add Additional Column to Invoice

3. These 2 columns will be created in the Invoice page.
Additional Column in Invoice

4. Now, you need to custom made your own template. Please view demo from on how to custom made your own template.

5. In the Report Designer, drag "Header_AdditionalInfoValue1" and "Header_AdditionalInfoValue2" to the PageHeader.
Display Additional Column in Template

Show Tax Amount for each Items


I have two Tax Slabs as available in INDIA, and i need to Print the tax charged on each product and need to show the same in the invoice printed for the client, so please suggest the action required for the same from my end.


First you will need to create your own template. Please view the demo from

On the field list in the Report Designer, search for a column named Detail_TaxAmount1 and Detail_taxAmount2, drag it to the Report Design
Display Tax Amount